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Foster Parent

We are always in need of qualified foster homes. When you foster an animal, you take it into your home, teach it how to be a part of the family, teach it basic manners and become the receipient of a special animal’s love. Fostering is such an important part of what we do, because it allows us to fully understand the individual animal’s temperament, its likes and dislikes, and how it will react in a home setting. This knowledge helps us find the animal its forever home – the home it will stay in for the rest of its life.

Your Full


Spouse Full


Full Address - Include
City & State
Work Phone
Home Phone eMail Address
Employer Name Spouse Employer
Number of Children Age of Children

Is everyone
in the household in agreement about adopting a dog?
Name and Phone Number of
Your Homeowners Insurance Agent/Company

Please Describe Current
Living Situation

Contact Information for
Landlord" (if applicable)
What Type of Environment
is Your Home Located?
Besides Immediate Family
Are Other Residing In Your Home?
If others are living in your home besides immediate family please give details,
including names and ages
Does Your Home Have A
Is Fence
Secured With Padlock?
If Yes is it
Is Fence
Secured Underground?
Type of Fence and Height

Adoption Information

Is Someone Home During
The Day?
If no, where will dog
Where Will Your Dog Be
Kept Most of The Time?
If Kept Outside, Will You
Have a Dog Run/House?
- Please Give Details Below
Where Will Your Dog Sleep
At Night?
Will You Take Dog To
Obedience Classes?
How Do You
Feel About Crating Your Dog?
Have You Ever Owned A
Where Is that Dog Now?
Prefer Male or Female? Age Range Preferred?
Why Do You Want A Dog?
Used For Guard Dog? Years You Plan On keeping
What Activities Do You
Plan On With Your Dog?
What Type of Traits Are
You Looking For In A Dog

Other Pet Information

Do You Own Other Pets? Other Pet Type?

(Please List Age, Sex and Breed)

Are All Pets
Are All Pets Vaccinated?
Are All Pets on Heartworm
Prevention? What Type?

Willing To Pay For
Heartworm Test?
Veterinarian Name and Phone Number

If You Have Current Pets and Veterinarian Office Please List Pets
Name and Owners Name (On Record at Vet's Office)
If Applicable, when Was
Your Current Pets Last Visit?
List All Pets You Have
Had In The Past 10 Years and What Happened To Them.
List any Humane
Societies, Organizations, Breed or
Training Clubs You Are Associated With
We will attempt to
provide you with an honest evaluation of temperament on any dog we
have to place. Do you realized that often times the complete history
of a dog may not be known and you may encounter some behavioral
If Applicable, Are You
Willing To Help Work With Us To Correct These Issues?
Please Provide the Name,
Address and Phone Numbers of Three References
Additional Comments or


By clicking the submit button below I certify that the information provided
on this form is true & correct. I am also financially and physically able
to care for this animal. I understand that proper food and veterinarian care
can be costly and I am able to meet these requirements.

Home checks are made on a random basis following or prior to adoption. If upon
inspection we find that information contained in this application to be false,
we retain the right to turn down or remove the animal from your premises
without a refund of moneys paid.

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